Reliable wood pellet producer since 2004

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Over 600,000 mt of wood pellets per year

LATGRAN SIA is a Latvia-based wood pellets producer focused on producing sustainable biofuel for industrial customers.

Our company was founded in 2004. LATGRAN is a member of Graanul Invest group, the global leader in wood pellet production. The group operates in the field of bioenergy and renewable energy production, forestry, and biomaterials development.

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LATGRAN produced wood pellets provide sustainable and CO2-neutral fuel for our customers, the major electricity/regional thermal energy producers of Europe, as well as smaller facilities like schools and many other public institutions, industrial facilities, and agricultural heating applications. Our aim is to continue being the most reliable supplier of pellets for our customers.

LATGRAN operates 4 factories in Jaunjelgava, Jēkabpils, Krāslava, and Gulbene. All of our production sites are located in rural areas, providing work for more than 120 employees.

We have more than 120 employees producing annually over 600,000 mt of wood pellets, corresponding to 3 000 000 MWh of sustainable energy from CO2-neutral woody biomass.