High standards - Sustainable sourcing

We follow the Graanul Invest group principles and criteria of the most acknowledged sustainable forest management systems establishing grounds for assessing economic, social and ecological aspects of the operations of forest owners. Having joined the certified wood processing community, we support such forest management that maintains valuable ecosystems and ensures safe, healthy and fair working conditions for people working in forests. With wood certification, we exclude any unverified material which may originate from environmentally and socially damaging sources. Third-party controls help ensure that the absolute best service is provided to current as well as future customers and partners.

The material we use always follows the existing waste streams of the local forest and wood industry. The woody biomass we source gives small and large forest owners as well as wood processors the possibility to create and get value from their harvesting leftovers and defected logs.

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We use only carefully selected certified vendors who have proven to understand and implement the requirements of sustainable forest management and chain of custody systems. We give preference to feedstock from certified forests but also accept material from small forest owners who have excellent procedures but have not gone through voluntary but expensive certification. Either way, we make sure that all material has equivalent controls carried out for legality, origin, environment and health and safety. This at both the supplier and factory levels. The whole procurement procedure is reviewed and audited annually to ensure credibility and effectiveness.

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Efficient production with minimal emissions

In LATGRAN we pay an effort every single day to minimize environmental emissions and resource increase production efficiency. This can only be achieved through innovative technology, constant monitoring and well-trained, professional teams.

We constantly improve performance and ensure sufficient information and resources to reach our targets. Upon making new decisions, we continuously evaluate their immediate and long-term impacts on our workers, clients, stakeholders, environment, efficiency and business.

We cooperate with reliable partners

We cooperate only with such partners that operate according to the same quality, environment, energy performance and labour safety principles as we do. We only use suppliers who comply with the sustainable forestry standards and supply conforming products.

Corruption risk mitigation is an inseparable part of our operations. Through contractual relations, raising awareness, electronic payments, and constant auditing, we have achieved a due diligence system that leaves no room for unethical conduct in our value chain.

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Our people is our strength

LATGRAN factories and head-office team has roughly 120 employees. Our people are the central pillar of the company and our main strength in being part of the world leading pellet producing group.

All of our plants provide stable and challenging job opportunities in rural areas. As important employers in the region, we keep a close connection with local communities. We actively encourage our people to raise their awareness about quality, the environment, energy efficiency and occupational health. We internally engage our employees in working groups where they can provide ideas and expertise for innovation and engineering projects. We thrive for constant improvement and support our people in learning and training. We also actively support our employees’ fitness and sports activities to encourage a healthy mind and body.